“Skirt” is an ill health POP-band well-known from any occupation, gender, and age-group for his song-writing technique and band ensemble, which features somewhat of a dark-side with a cool sensation.
His music presents intense POPS, gaining a great reputation for his emotional live performance, which strongly attracts the audience.
From 2006, “Skirt” started his career as Wataru Sawabe’s solo project mainly using overdubbing recording method. In 2010, he launched his own record label “Kaczka Sounds” and started creation in earnest since the release of his first Album”S-O-S”.During his ages at “Kaczka Sound,” he announced 4 albums and by the year 2014, he transferred to “KAKUBARHYTHM”.
After his transfer in 2016, he released Album “CALL” which was remarked and highly praised all across Japan.
Next October 2017, he contracts with a major Japanese music label and releases his Major 1st Album”20/20”. In 2020, he released “Another Story,” which was a re-recorded song from the indie period, showing the strength of the song. As a composer, he is also involved in various movies, dramas, and animated works as a gekitomo and music producer, and is active as a music provider and arranger for various artists. She is a wonderful singer-songwriter and band that attracts attention for her diverse talents and genrelessness.